About us

Dr. Sobia Sultan and Dr. Saswati Sen have been working together now for almost a decade in the Halton region and we decided it was time to build our own clinic. We understand how important it is to find a reliable, friendly dentist you can trust. Let us make you smile today!

From the day we gained our degrees, it has been our goal to alleviate and assist in solving any dental issues our patients have. It is now our privilege to serve all our clients’ dental needs under our very own office’s roof. As such, our mission at Smile Park Dental is to treat all dental conditions with care while creating personalized experiences by doing the following:

  • Informing our patients on the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and how to prevent faulty practices.
  • Effectively displaying all treatment options and suggesting the best course of action.
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere through personal communication.
  • Staying up to date with all dental practices and safety protocol.

We are passionate about our business and look forward to getting to know you!