Lost your tooth because of cavity? At Smile Park Dental we offer good quality Dental Bridges in Oakville!

Get a makeover for your smile with Dental Bridges Oakville

What is a dental bridge?

When you have a missing tooth and the neighboring teeth are healthy we can use these teeth as supports to replace your missing tooth. Bridges connect teeth on both sides of the “gap”. They are an alternative to an implant or a removable denture.

If you are struggling with gum disease, dental bridges often work better than implants. Bridges don’t go into the gums, so aren’t affected by gum disease. They can be made from several materials, such as gold and metal alloys, porcelain fused with metal or full ceramic.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Bridges can last anywhere from five to fifteen years. They can last longer if you have good oral hygiene, so brush, floss and rinse every day. The natural teeth need to be kept healthy and strong so they can provide a foundation for the bridge. You don’t need to remove bridges to clean. Keep going for regular dental check ups. To get natural looking quality Dental Bridges Oakville contact Smile Park Dental today!

What are the benefits of Dental Bridges?

Fill up the space between your teeth with Dental Bridges! It helps to restore chewing ability and improves the appearance  of your smile. Get Dental Bridges in Oakville by contacting us!

  • Protects the structure of the mouth, as gaps missing teeth can allow other teeth to move and the structure to become unstable.
  • Enhances and restores the tooth’s appearance.
  • Allows a person to eat and chew normally.
  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Easy maintenance.

Dental Bridges Oakville : The Procedure

  • Step One: You are given local anesthesia for your comfort throughout the procedure.
  • Step Two: The teeth on both sides of the gap from the missing tooth are cleaned and prepared for the bridge.
  • Step Three: An impression is made of the prepared tooth and then the impression is sent to a dental laboratory.
  • Step Four: You will get a temporary bridge for approximately one to two weeks.
  • Step Five: When the permanent bridge is made, it will be put in place once the temporary bridge is removed.

Feel free to contact Smile Park Dental using the phone number on our website, or  book an appointment to request a time to come visit the office and find out how you will benefit from dental bridges. You can book a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you today.