Root canal therapy is used to save your tooth that has been damaged due to cavities or an infection. This procedure can help you repair and restore a damaged tooth instead of extracting it. The term “root canal” comes from the fact that this procedure involves cleaning the canals inside a tooth’s root. A root canal is an ideal alternative for tooth extraction, dental implants, bridges, and dentures. At our clinic, we offer root canal therapy at affordable prices. Please get in touch with us now for more information, we will be happy to assist you with all your dental needs.


Relief from pain

If you are suffering from severe toothache, it can be due to cavities, although there are many procedures to fix cavities, sometimes the damage can be too deep and may have affected the pulp of your teeth. Root canal therapy can help you relieve pain and restore a damaged tooth, it also eases pain caused by an abscessed tooth. During the procedure, the dentist will clean the inflamed pulp, disinfect it, and seal the treated area.

What are the advantages of the root canal procedure?

  • Prevents spread of infection
  • Relieves pain
  • Ensures a tooth can be repaired and restored

What are signs that indicate I need a root canal?

These are some of the common signs that indicate you need root canal treatment:

  • Severe toothache: If you are suffering from severe toothache, and sometimes discomfort of the jaw
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold food: If you experience severe toothache while drinking hot coffee, food or eating ice creamInflamed gums:
  • If your gums are swollen; it may be due to an infection
  • Tooth discoloration: If the pulp of a tooth is dead, your tooth becomes grey and discolored
  • Pimple on the gums and swollen jaw: Pimple on the jaws or swollen jaw may be a sign that you need root canal therapy.

How long does a root canal take?

Root canal treatment can take anywhere between 60 mins to 90 minutes. However, the extent of damage also determines the time. You can always talk to our dentist for details.

What happens during the root canal appointment?

A dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth to determine if you need root canal treatment. They will also take X-rays of the affected tooth to check the extent of damage and plan appropriate treatment. The dentist will administer anesthesia to numb the area, clean and disinfect the infected pulp. Following this, a filling is placed to seal your canals to prevent infection. A crown is usually recommended in order to restore the shape, and size of the teeth.


After your procedure, the Dentist provide you with all the necessary details for pain management. The most common tips to keep in mind are:

  • Take pain relievers
  • Gentle brush and floss your teeth
  • Avoid eating immediately after the procedure
  • Avoid eating hard and crunchy foods

When to contact your dentist?

  • Severe pain after a few days of the procedure
  • Swelling inside or outside your mouth
  • Your bite feels uneven or uncomfortable
  • Your crown or filling comes out

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