Everything you should know about Dentures

When you have missing teeth, even smiling can seem like an impossible task. There are many options available to fix the issue, and one of the most affordable are dentures.

About Dentures

Dentures can be described as a prosthetic for the mouth. They can painlessly, and securely, replace missing teeth by being supported by the hard and soft tissues surrounding the oral cavity.

Most dentures are removable, but some dentures can bond or attach to surrounding, supportive teeth. Dentures can be made from a wide list of materials like acrylic, nylon, or even a mixture of metal.

Dentures are less expensive than many other dental implants. Another bonus is the non-invasive process of making or fitting dentures. They don’t involve drilling into the gums in any way, so are pain-free to fit and make.

Why should you wear dentures?

  • Dentures not only enhance the beauty of a smile that has several missing teeth but also keep the structure of the mouth sound by supporting the structures around the cheeks and lips.
  • They can ensure you don’t have to change your diet just because you are missing a couple of teeth. Dentures enable you to eat foods that require chewing, and would otherwise be difficult.
  • Finally, dentures are a viable solution to replace teeth that are causing serious pain, as well as oral health issues. These can be teeth with rotted roots or severe damage.

Types of Dentures

  • Complete dentures – These provide a secure fit. They are standard dentures with a precision fit.
  • Implant-supported dentures – these dentures are implant-supported, but are still removable. They are implant over-dentures for patients who need something more permanent.
  • Partial dentures – option for dentures when complete removal isn’t needed and some of the teeth can be preserved.
  • Lower suction dentures – without adhesives or implants, these provide superior stability.

Reasons You May Need Dentures

Dentures can be needed by anyone of any age.

  • bone or gum loss
  • birth defect
  • poor oral hygiene
  • cosmetic reasons
  • sports injury
  • juvenile arthritis or disruptive demineralization of the body

Denture Care

Dentures need to have daily care, just like your real teeth. You can either soak or brush your dentures, using a non-abrasive denture cleaner. You must clean out all the grooves, especially the ones that touch the gums and make sure all food and other debris are removed.

If you have any questions regarding getting dentures in Oakville, or about dentures you already have, feel free to discuss them with us at Smile Park Dental. We are here to help you smile with confidence!