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Having Issues With Bad Breath or are Suffering From a Toothache

Whether you are having issues with bad breath or are suffering from a toothache and are looking for relief, we can help. Dr. Sobia Sultan and Dr. Saswati Sen are reputable dentists with many years of experience. We are committed to providing quality care at affordable prices. You can rely on us to offer a wide range of treatments including teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, composite fillings, dentures, invisalign and much more. To book an appointment with our team, please get in touch with us today.  Our team will be glad to assist you with all your dental needs. 

Professional and fully qualified dentists

dental services

Our team of professional and fully qualified dentists is here to help you with all your dental needs. We offer a multitude of dental services including cosmetic smile makeovers. Our team understands that visiting a dentist can be scary and difficult for individuals as most of them associate pain and discomfort with it. Our team is friendly and compassionate and our dental clinic has a soothing atmosphere.  We work hard to ensure that your experience at our clinic is pleasant.  We offer all our dental care services under one roof. Contact our team for details.

Our services include: 

Our team offers a number of dental services including: 

Dental crowns: If your teeth are damaged or has undergone root canal therapy it is often recommended to place a crown over it. This helps it restore the shape and size and also provides it more strength. At our clinic we offer durable and natural looking dental crowns. Our crowns are manufactured using only quality materials and are built to last.

Dental bridges: Missing a tooth? We can help. We offer dental bridges. These bridges will help you cover the gaps between your teeth and make chewing easy. 

Dentures: If you have lost all your teeth due to age or any other factors or are missing a few teeth, dentures can be great. We offer natural looking and quality dentures at great prices.

Root canal therapy: Although composite fillings are great to restore teeth that are damaged due to cavities, in some cases the damage can be severe and the only way to restore it is through root canal therapy. Our team offers pain and hassle-free root canal therapy. We administer anaesthesia before the procedure. 

Extractions: Whether your wisdom tooth is causing you too much pain or your tooth is damaged and needs extraction, we can help. We provide tooth extraction services. 

Implant restorations: Are you looking for dental implants? We can help. Dental implants are a great way to restore and replace missing tooth. Dental implants look great and feel like natural teeth. Please note that there are several checks that are conducted before this procedure to ensure that you qualify for the treatment. 

Invisalign: Misaligned teeth and crowded teeth can make you feel embarrassed about your smile. You can rely on us to offer Invisalign solutions. These are a perfect alternate for traditional braces. 

Teeth whitening: Over time our teeth turn yellow, there are a number of factors that can cause this such as drinking too much coffee, smoking, drinking cola etc. We offer teeth whitening solutions. Our treatment will help you get rid of stains and provide you pearly white teeth that you desire.

Please note that at our facility, we follow all necessary Covid-19 protocols. Our team thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all the equipment and tools after every patient. We have created a safe space for all our patients.