Make your smile great again with Implant Restoration Oakville!

Are you hesitant to show off that beautiful smile? Is the reason a missing tooth? Don’t wait up till the situation gets worse. Oh yes! Missing a tooth does not just take away your confidence but can also cause issues such as alignment and chewing problems or get even more serious. Worry not! Get Implant Restoration  in Oakville at affordable prices, to replace your missing tooth.

Get Affordable and quality Implant Restoration in Oakville!

Missing teeth have a huge impact on your smile, and your ability to chew food. Just one missing tooth can make you speak with a lisp. Gaps also allow other teeth to shift out of alignment, which will only further impair function and create an environment where harmful bacteria flourish. Alongside dental problems, your confidence level may also be affected as you become self-conscious about your smile.

The dentists at Smile Park Dental offer Dental Implants at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment and get affordable Implant Restoration in Oakville!

Understanding Implant Restoration Oakville

Our dentists at Smile Park Dental work closely with oral surgeons during implant planning and placement. Once the implant healing process is completed (generally around four months), an abutment is inserted into the implant and it is topped with a porcelain crown. Implants can restore the natural look of your teeth and oral function. Each time you bite down, the implant also stimulates strong, dense bone tissue.
The final results replicate the feel, look and performance of your natural teeth. Annual check ups and regular oral hygiene at home are absolutely necessary to ensure the longevity of the dental crown. Contact us to get the Implant Restoration Oakville!

The Dental Implant Restoration Procedure Oakville:

At our clinic, we have experienced dentists specialized in dental implants who will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine your condition. They will then confirm if dental implants are the right way to go about, or if other procedures are better for you. If you are in good health, have healthy gums and jaws, you can get a dental implant considering other factors. The whole Implant Restoration process in Oakville may take more than a couple of visits depending on your oral situation.

  • During the first visit, your dentist will do the necessary examinations to understand your tooth condition and identify which procedure is suitable for you.
  • If they decide to go with dental implants, they will insert a dental implant (which is a cylindrical metal structure) onto your jaw bone, beneath the gum tissue.
  • The next stage is when the dentist places an abutment on the implant. This is s a structure that connects the artificial tooth to the dental implant. If your jaw bone and gum health are good, the dental implant and abutment might be fixed in one visit.
  • During the next stage, an artificial tooth is placed on top of the abutment. The process might take a few visits to finally get the artificial tooth fixed right.

Dental implants look and feel similar to natural teeth and because of the same you have to keep them clean and maintain them well. Brushing and flossing daily, regular dental visits to keep them in check etc must be done, in order to ensure good oral health. To get more details about Implant Restoration Oakville contact Smile Park Dental today!

The benefits of Implant Restoration

  • Implants can prolong the longevity of your jaw bone as well as give your smile a youthful appearance.
  • Reduce misalignment of teeth due to a missing tooth.
  • You will be able to eat and chew without concerns.
  • Unlike dentures, they do not move when you eat or speak.

Want to replace a missing tooth? Contact Smile Park Dental today, we look forward to hearing from you! You can get Affordable Implant Restoration in Oakville.