Wisdom Tooth Extraction Oakville!

What are Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth is also known as third molars. these are the last grown teeth in your mouth. These teeth not erupt until the early twenties. Not everyone having wisdom teeth. Most of the people can usually see their wisdom tooth push through the gums. To get safe and reliable Wisdom Tooth Extraction Oakville contact Smile Park Dental today!

  • Removal of a tooth that is infected or cannot be saved with a filling.
  • The Doctors will give you a comprehensive layout of the appointment and answer all of your questions about the procedure.
  • Also, if you are anxious, we will discuss the use of different means of minimal sedation available to you (oral or Nitrous Oxide Gas).

Benefits of Tooth Removal?

  • Most of the time, a patient may have an extraction due to severe tooth pain that may also be radiating to the jaw pain and headache.
  • Removal of diseased teeth will not only alleviate pain, but will also remove any underlying infection associated with it.
  • If an infected tooth is not removed, this may lead to the infections moving to other places in the body causing severe consequences.

To know detailed information about Wisdom Tooth Removal Oakville contact Smile Park Dental today!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Oakville : The Procedure

  • Our first priority will be to get you comfortable in the chair and ensure that the appointment is thoroughly discussed. We will also at this point start your sedation (if needed) prior to giving you local anesthesia (freezing).
  • Once verified that the area is frozen, the tooth is gently and slowly removed to ensure bleeding can be controlled and to reduce any possible swelling.
  • You are sent home with an envelope of post-operative instructions and gauze.
  • A follow up call or appointment is made before you leave the office to ensure that the area is on its way to heal.

Get Safe and Professional Wisdom Tooth Extraction Oakville

Trusted dentist at Smile Park Dental is here to handle your wisdom Tooth Extraction in Oakville. Our Experienced team is capable of making your wisdom tooth extraction as convenient and hassle-free as possible. To get Tooth Extraction Oakville call us today!